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The revision of three standards for instruments and meters has been made public

Guidance: Instruments and meters, as an indispensable "precision" device for China's economic development, will also be involved in the third batch of revision plans of industry standards published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, mainly for chemical industry. At present, three items concerning the modification of instruments and instruments and the drafting units have been made public.
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A few days ago, the third batch of revision plans for industry standards issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China were officially launched. The revision of industry standards takes "supporting and cultivating new demand growth points, optimizing and upgrading service industries, and promoting independent innovation of industries" as the starting point, aiming at strengthening the formulation of key standards, upgrading the standard technology level and optimizing the standard system structure.
There are 587 revision plans for the third batch of industry standards in 2014. Among them, 427 items were formulated, 160 items were revised, 475 items of product category standards, 27 items of energy-saving and comprehensive utilization standards, 2 items of safety production standards, 7 items of construction projects and 77 items of standard samples. It covers 15 industries such as chemical industry, steel, building materials and electronics.
Standard projects mainly involve standard projects in key areas of the Twel

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