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Construction of 50 supporting projects of Zhanjiang Port Project of Baosteel

Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Base No. 1 BF will be put into operation in September next year. In order to speed up the progress of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel and put into production on time, the development zone has carried out large-scale requisitions and construction of supporting steel areas. It is estimated that there are about 50 compact steel supporting projects to be settled in the East China Sea Island. Among them, 8 new projects have been started recently, with a total investment of 1.729 billion yuan, and 611 million yuan so far. Seven projects are scheduled to start in November this year, with a total investment of 16.403 billion yuan, including the steel-making auxiliary materials project invested by Shanghai-Zhanjiang Metallurgical Accessories Company in Zhanjiang City and the investment and construction of Zhanjiang Shengang Co., Ltd. Port steel processing, etc. Six construction projects are planned to start in December, with a total investment of 729 million yuan, including Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Environmental Protection BOO Equipment Repair Plant and Scientific Research and Production Base invested by Zhanjiang Zhongye Environmental Protection Operation Management Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiaoyun Hubei Logistics Development Co., Ltd. for vehicle and engineering machinery maintenance projects. And so on. The total investment of these 21 projects is 18.861 billion yuan.

In addition, the development zone plans to start construction projects in the first quart

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