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The process of tax collection and management has been worked out in the legislation of environmental protection tax

Introduction: The communique of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee, with the theme of "governing the country according to law", makes the legislative expectation of environmental protection tax warming up again. Recently, it has been reported by the media that the Ministry of Finance, together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the State Administration of Taxation, has actively promoted the legislation of environmental protection tax. A draft law on environmental protection tax has been formed and submitted to the State Council.
"In the face of prominent environmental problems, our government has constantly introduced various measures to deal with them, but they still remain at the policy level. If environmental protection tax is levied, it will regulate enterprises to be more environmentally friendly from the legal level. Iron and steel, cement, flat glass, electrolytic aluminium and other industries with serious overcapacity will be affected after environmental protection tax is levied. In an interview with reporters, Hou Yuxuan, a researcher in the environmental protection industry of CIC consultants, said that what the government should do is to ensure the legality and mandatory of environmental protection tax, strengthen supervision and management, and implement the collection of environmental protection tax.
"The legislation of environmental protection tax will accelerate the elimination of backward excess capacity, which shows t

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